Rattan: 9 of the Best Buys for Your Garden

Summer is on the horizon and this year it’s all about rattan, closely followed by cane and bamboo. The mood to aim for is laidback 70s lounging…

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Story: Kara O’Reilly

1. Hanging egg chair
From £1,867 at skandium.com

The best rattan garden furniture buys for 2018: Hanging egg chair, from £1,867, skandium.com

2. Akit rattan armchair
£395 at cuckooland.com

Akit rattan armchair, £395, cuckooland.com

3. Round rattan coffee table
£285 from grahamandgreen.co.uk

Round rattan coffee table, £285 from grahamandgreen.co.uk

4. Nadia dressing table and stool
£295 at habitat.co.uk

Nadia dressing table and stool, £295, habitat.co.uk

5. Set of 5 rattan wall mirrors
£330 at grahamandgreen.co.uk

Rattan wall mirrors, £330, grahamandgreen.co.uk

6. Hampstead bench in all-weather bamboo
£285 at gardentrading.co.uk

Hampstead bench in all-weather bamboo, £285, gardentrading.co.uk

7. Rattan rocking chair by Wynagene
£465 at outthereinteriors.com

Rattan rocking chair by Wynagene, £465, outthereinteriors.com

8. Rattan and wood screen
£150 at coxandcox.co.uk

Rattan and wood screen £150 at coxandcox.co.uk

9. Keliko rattan bench
£170 at pib-home.co.uk

Keliko rattan bench, £170, pib-home.co.uk

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