Harrods Unveils its 2018 Christmas Windows

Harrods has unveiled its 2018 Christmas windows alongside a store-wide programme of festive celebrations branded Fantastica

Lead image: The Dolce & Gabbana Leftover Fridge Christmas window (Harrods Fantastica 2018)

The famous Brompton Road Christmas windows, unveiled on 8 November, follow a tableau of familiar festive rituals that take place over the course of Christmas Day.

‘We wanted a concept that was relatable and recognised globally,’ says Alex Wells-Greco, Creative Visual Director at Harrods. From unwrapping gifts and the Queen’s speech, to a Christmas feast and a party.

Highlights include the Dolce & Gabbana Leftover Fridge, Bottega Veneta’s Unwrap the Day, Party Time with Elie Saab and The Harrods Feast.

The exhibition windows will also play host to a sensory spectacle from Dom Pérignon in November, and a Loewe celebration in December.

There’s also an eight-metre Christmas tree on Hans Crescent, sourced from Surrey and adorned with more than 100 oversized gourmet delights – including cranberries, candy canes and Brussel sprouts – inspired by family feasting.

Food is a common thread that runs through the veins of Harrods and Christmas. To coincide with Fantastica, Harrods will also celebrate the opening of the Fresh Market Hall – the second stage of The Taste Revolution.

Celebrating speciality foods, with a focus on provenance, convenience and seasonality, the redesigned hall will feature a rotisserie and vegetable butcher alongside cheese and charcuterie counters, a deli, a butcher and a fishmonger.

In store, the celebrations, led by the Department of Surprise and Delight – the Harrods’ team dedicated to creating unexpected moments of joy for all – will revolve around the 12 Moments of Fantastica, a calendar of interactive activities.

Throughout November and December there will be pop-ups and tutorials, gift personalisation and one-day-only experiences, including Chanel’s fortune cookie kiosk, Harrods food tastings and performances from the Royal Academy of Music.

Fantastica truly touches the pinnacle of sensory storytelling

‘Luxury is a story, rich in meaning, emotions and moments, and I feel that Fantastica truly touches the pinnacle of sensory storytelling,’ continued Wells-Greco.

‘From the windows, our stage to the outside world, to magical moments to surprise our guests within our four walls, we want the Harrods customer to be taken on a limitless journey this Christmas.’

See harrods.com/christmas for more about the 12 Moments of Fantastica

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